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Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Dreaming up a name for a store that encompasses all the things you love in life is no easy task! It must involve family, a love for vintage finds, supporting other makers, and of course...candles! Blue Jar Candle Co. Mercantile, though it may be a mouthful, is really a short description for a huge endeavor. This name has meaning far beyond a few words.

Mercantile, is defined by Mirriam Webster, as "of or relating to merchants or trading" with word origins in the 1600s. Comparable to the General Store popular in the late 1800's and early 1900's, mercantile brings a variety of items to those looking to find anything from housewares to gifts. Now, where do we fit in this mold? Let's be honest, we can't just sell candles. It simply won't pay the rent. In order to give our little company a brick and mortar storefront, we would need to dabble in other goods. That's when the mercantile idea struck. Why not feature other makers, merchants, and teach others how to create new things, as well?!

As we move toward opening, we are packing our store with products crafted and created by local artisans and vendors to offer you the most unique shopping experience. Our workshop schedule is being designed to offer opportunities to craft with friends and family in a safe and supportive environment. Creating something beautiful and meaningful gives us purpose and pleasure...something we all need right now. In the words of Mary Reilly, OTR, EdD (an important figure in the occupational therapy world), "humankind, through the use of our hands, as they are energized by mind and will, can influence the state of our own health."

With Friends & Family Night and our Grand Opening Celebration drawing near, we hope you visit our website and Facebook page often for updates. While there...share, share, share our posts! You can grab your tickets to Friends & Family Night here for Wednesday, April 28th to grant you early access to the store complete with wine sampling by Heritage Wine Cellars, single-serve jar-cuterie by Batch, a gift from us, and 10% off your entire purchase that evening. Also, mark your calendar for the Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday, May 1st where you will find Sweetwater Farms with their outdoor market, Maggie's Bundles & Berries with fresh flowers, a visit from the aqua vintage truck complete with a family/group photo and digital download compliments of Fox Paw Photography!

We can't wait to meet you at the Merc!

Miranda & Girls

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