Sustainability starts with a clean jar!

Most of our Blue Jar Candle Co. fans are familiar with our jar return program. We accept our used, clean jars back for credit towards a future purchase. Many customers choose to keep their jars and re-purpose them with new life. We love both approaches as they promote our mission of sustainability! Whichever route you choose, we want to be sure you are comfortable cleaning your used jars. Here is a step-by-step guide to walk you through this super-easy process:

  1. Place your used jar(s) in 1-2 inches of a hot water bath. Be careful not to allow the jars to tip. Tipped jars will spill melted wax into your good. Carefully removed the jar(s) with silicone-tipped tongs and place upright on a tea towel.

2. Next, use the silicone-tipped tongs to carefully pour the remaining, melted wax into a heat-proof plastic cup or container. When the wax in the cup cools, it can be popped out and disposed of. Soy wax is chose wisely! Or, you can use the cooled and hardened wax as a wax melt!

3. Now you'll need to use a fork to pop out the wick tab. This is the only absolute waste from our candles and it is smaller than a button...not too shabby!

4. Wipe out the cooled jar(s) with a dish towel to clear any remaining wax residue. Place your cooled jars in a sink bath of hot water and dishsoap. Clean with a kitchen rag. Look how pretty!

5. Last, place your jar(s) upside-down on a tea towel to dry. Once dry, you are ready to re-use or return your jar! That was magical!

Now that you are a jar cleaning expert, we plan to blow your mind with lots of ways to re-purpose your jar(s)! This includes projects and projects to help you sustain each jar over and over, again. In fact, we may just be working with an incredible company in Colorado to help us help you with these sustainable efforts! Stay tuned!

With a whole lot of love,

Miranda & Girls

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