Meet the Makers

Blue Jar Candle Co. Mercantile is proud to collaborate with these makers, crafters, and artisans...


Michelle Guerrieri

Creation Station

Michelle started making signs as something to do to relax her after she had kids. She would stay up after they went to bed and just calm her nerves down before going to sleep. It then turned into something she became passionate about, something she loved and something she wanted to share with as many people as she could! It has now become one of her jobs. Michelle owns The Creation Station in Russellton, PA!  They host many workshops from BYOB nights (21 and over), to specialty classes with local vendors and even teen nights and kid events!  They also make custom signs. Make sure to like them on Facebook or Instagram or visit our website at www.the

"I am beyond blessed to have built a relationship with Miranda and for her to ask me to come into the shop has been a wonderful opportunity! I wish her all the best of luck and know that I am behind you every step of the way in this amazing, scary, nerve racking, chaotic yet exciting chapter of your life!!!"